Website Design

Front End Web Development is our specialty! We strive to keep our websites clean, attractive and easily accessible. It is part of our initiative to create fast loading and search engine optimized sites that appeal to the end user.

Search Engine Optimization

EWM designs websites that are not only appealing to the eye but easily findable by search engines. We code sites that have lean source code and make site speed an integral part of our design. We research SEO constantly to stay up-to-date!

Ecommerce Websites

So you want to sell stuff online? EWM offers ecommerce websites (online stores) with a wide range of features. All of our sites are designed, coded and optimized with SEO best practices implemented.

We design and code emails that work in ALL email clients. We incorporate anti-spam best practices and test our code in all major email clients. Our techniques ensure your email is deliverable and arrives the way it was intended.

Facebook and Twitter have become major components of a successful marketing plan. With over 500 billion minutes per month spent on Facebook, there is a very large audience of potential customers to reach!

Website Analytics

Okay, so you have a well-designed and well-coded website. Congratulations! Now how is it performing? Don't know? EWM uses Google Analytics to track the performance of our websites and evaluate and make changes as necessary.

Who are we? We are Evolution Web Marketing, also known as EWM, and we make it a point to focus on what we do and specialize in our services. Though we have experience in many areas we only work in those we are experts in such as website design, SEO, ecommerce and email design. Are we cheap? Not really. Are we expensive? Absolutely not. We are firm believers in "you get what you pay for"... top quality work with results!
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